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Thermal Pools

New Zealand's Best Hot Pools

Soothing New Zealand Hot Springs

Soak away your cares and experience total relaxation in New Zealand's finest hot pools.

Mother Nature has taken care of everything: heating every drop of thermal water, and infusing them with a range of minerals. It takes about 173 years of work before it reaches you, but you'll find it was worth the effort.

Relax in the silky-sooth sulphur pools. Bask in gentle rapids and natural rock pools. Ease those aching muscles with the water spouts and jets. Or just enjoy the stunning alpine backdrop and watch as the world drifts by...

Sit and soak among river boulder terraces and native gardens in one of our five cascade pools! It's a peaceful place to relax while enjoying the gentle sounds of the water.

The back pool is natural sulphur and the bottom pool has beach-style access, making it easy for everyone to use.

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AquaTherapy Pools

Our signature AquaTherapy pools are designed to deliver you pure muscle relief, and pure serenity.

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Aqua Therapy was designed in Europe. It’s attributed with increasing flexibility and strengthening muscles, improving balance and agility, decreasing joint swelling and pain and helping with a number of medical conditions.

It’s no wonder our AquaTherapy pools are extremely popular.

Feel complete serenity as you dip underneath a cascading waterfall, cosy up to powerful water and air jets or sit and soak in the soothing waters. Any muscle tension will melt away.

Each of our three pools uses different fundamentals of Aqua Therapy. One features tumbling waterfalls and water spouts, the second has a series of massaging water jets, and the third has powerful water and air jets.

Water flows between the pools creating a relaxing, bubbling sound that adds to the sense of escape, allowing you to transition through each element of Aqua Therapy.

Seriously, put this on your ‘must do’ list.

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Hexagonal Pools

The Hex Pools are Hanmer Springs classics.

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The Hex pools are the pools that have been with us the longest, and they remain as popular as day one.

They offer plenty of shade with giant canvas umbrellas over each pool – but rest assured, sun lovers, there's ample space to bask in the sunshine too.

You can take in stunning views of Conical Hill, Mount Isobel and Mount Dunblane. On clear evenings, the night sky from these pools offers a brilliant display.

You'll be surprised at who you will meet sitting beside you. Tourists come from all over the world so these pools are a great place to swap travel stories, tips or meet a local.

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Rainbow Pools

Beach-style entry and sheltered native gardens combine to create an accessible and tranquil oasis.

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The cleverly designed central island ensures there’s plenty of seating for you to enjoy. Surrounded by New Zealand native gardens, you're sure to find a quiet and private nook to call your own.

Yellow flowering Kowhai trees, bright green pittosporum hebe and tussock grasses provide a stunning variety of texture and colour all year round. And you might just hear the gentle song of a bellbird or two joining you among the flowers.

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Sulphur Pools

Volcanic rock cladding and an inspired rock formation set our Sulphur Pools apart. The three hot pools sit well above ground, offering great views over the rest of the complex.

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You’ll love the silky feel of the mineral rich water, which is infused with sodium, chloride, boron, calcium and carbonate.

Internationally these waters are used to treat rheumatic conditions, paraplegia and can help heal bone fractures and soft tissue.

The water is completely natural. It comes straight from the nearby thermal bore (with no chlorine added) making these our hottest pools - ranging in temperature from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius. The heat means they're not recommended for pregnant women or babies and toddlers.

You’ll need to stay hydrated here. Help yourself to a cool and refreshing shower after you've been in these pools - you'll find one beside the water fountain.

And don’t forget to remove any silver jewellery before getting in as the natural minerals may tarnish it.

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Rock Pools

Our beautiful network of sheltered rock pools winds its way through gorgeous gardens and beneath rustic wooden bridges. It's the perfect place to stretch out and relax.

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Gentle rapids and waterways connect the pools, bordered by native plants, flowers and rock formations.

The bubbling rapids beckon children who'll quietly clamber over the rocks to find tucked away pools and calming waters while Mum and Dad relax and watch nearby.

Couples after a quiet, secluded soak will have no trouble finding their own little oasis with a range of nooks and spots tucked away.  

Lie back and relax while you enjoy the birdsong from the surrounding native gardens.


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Private Pools

Your own oasis. Six private thermal pools available for couples or groups of up to six people.

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Escape to your own slice of tranquillity with our spacious and quiet private pools. Each features a European style wooden interior and garden views, so you can enjoy natural light while listening to the sounds of nature and the gentle flow of water with those closest to you.

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Sauna Suites

Loosen up tired muscles and invigorate your skin in our private sauna and steam rooms.

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There are many benefits of these energising traditions.

  • Improve cardiovascular performance
  • Aid in recovery after intense physical activity
  • Relieve stress
  • Can help fight illness
  • Cleanses the skin

Ease into pure relaxation dry heat, flushing out toxins and soften your skin. Our traditional sauna includes eucalyptus oil which can be added to the hot rocks to enhance your experience. This will assist your breathing & has added health benefits . It will also help you to relax muscle tension and lower blood pressure.

A sublime way to revive and prepare yourself for one of our lush spa treatments.

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Steam Suites

Loosen up tired muscles and invigorate your skin.

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There are many benefits of these energising traditions.

  • Clears congestion
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Improve circulation
  • Reduces stress

Ease into generous clouds of steam, flushing out toxins and softening your skin to relax muscle tension and lower blood pressure.

A sublime way to revive and prepare yourself for one of our lush spa treatments.

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Find the best pool for you.

Let us help find the best pool, by using the comparison table below.




Cascade Pools 37-42°C 1.2m 12m
AquaTherapy Pools 32-34°C 1.2m 8m
Hexagonal Pools 38-40°C 1.2m 8m
Rainbow Pools 36-38°C 1.2m 8m
Sulphur Pools 40-42° 1.2m 8m
Rock Pools 34-36°C 1.2m 8m
Private Pools 39-40°C 1.2m 2m
Sauna Suites 80-85°C - 2m
Steam Suites 39-42°C - 3m

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