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Accessibility at Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa

Here at Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools and Spa, we take accessibility seriously and want to make your experience here as easy and enjoyable as possible. 

Accessibility to our pools

We have portable hoists available to use and these can be used in the following pools: 
  • Hexagonal Pools 
  • Top Rock Pool
Some pools can be accessed in a wheelchair via ramp access in the following Pools: 
  • Top Cascade Pool
  • Family Activity Pool
  • Freshwater Lap Pool 
  • Rainbow Pool

Other Useful Information

  • Wet Wheel Chairs
    • 3 x wet wheelchairs available to use 
    • If you want to, you are able to use your own wet wheelchair 
  • Changing Rooms
    • 3 x change rooms (1x Change room with shower, toilet and fold away seat in shower by the Family Activity Pool)
    • 1 x bed 
    • 2 x shower facilities 
    • 3 x toilets
    • If more space needed in the changing rooms, please speak to one of our lifeguard members.
  • Flotation Devices
    • We do have belts and noodles that can be used to aid floatation. Please ask the closest life guard and they will get them for you. 

General Information

  • Standing and Queueing

    We offer an express lane entry, with ability to by-pass the electronic gate and be served by a cashier if needed.

  • Level Access

    Wheelchairs available for your use in designated areas, some of which can be wheeled into some beach access pools. Other pools have a maximum of 6 steps down into them, with some having steps up to them as well - all supported with handrails. Wheelchair access to the Tea Kiosk Cafe and Grill on site. Designated changing facilities, with toilet, shower and changing bed if required.

  • Distances

    We have wheelchairs available for transporting patients who are unable to get to the changing rooms. From the reception to the changing rooms is 45m, with pools as close as 10m and as far away as 135m.

  • Urgent Toilet Access

    Toilet facilities are available throughout the complex. If a toilet can not found, please see any member of staff who will point you in the right direction.

  • Disability Assist Dogs

    There are grassed areas and garden facilities available throughout the complex. Water bowls can be provided from the Lifeguards and filled at any water station on the complex.

  • Difficulty accessing visual and audible information

    Verbal communication and advice is available. We currently have a blind staff member and our staff are used to working with him on all projects. We also have all information available visually including maps of the complex. We offer written communication to help those with other questions.

  • Transport

    The Thermal Pools & Spa are located in Hanmer Springs township. Accessible parking is directly out the front of reception. Electric vehicle charging is available at the Jacks Pass Road administration car park.

  • Booking information

    You can book directly but you do not need to book to access our outdoor Thermal Pools and Spas. If you want to access our Private Pools, Steam Rooms and Saunas or The Spa, you will need to book here.

Hapai Card Holders

The Hapai Access Card is aimed at improving accessibility for people with a disability by working with businesses to remove, or reduce barriers.
Notes for Cardholders
We offer discounted entry rates to Hāpai Access Card Holders as below;
  • Adult (16 years and over) $22.00 (usually $38.00)
  • Child (5-15 years) $12.00 (usually $22.00)
  • Child under 5 years FREE Caregiver as required (as per Hāpai Access Card) FREE"

    Essential Companions:
    For those requiring it, we offer 1x free entry for caregiver with a Hapai card holder.


Making Trax

Hanmer Springs Thermal Pools & Spa is proud to be a member of the Making Trax foundation. The Making Trax Foundation believes that everybody on this earth has different abilities physical, emotional & intellectual. Diversity is what all human beings have in common. Through exposing possibilities through Adventure we open minds to ALL.  Abilities Shine in Challenging Environments. 

Adventure is the therapy we all need, exercise for the mind and body. It's not only awesome fun it's a school of endless opportunities.  Our passion started a movement right here in Aotearoa, the Inclusive Tourism Movement. Realizing the demand for our work has reaffirmed our new vision, purpose and commitment.

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