Step into The Spa and the world outside melts away. Inside, a team of skilled therapists will pamper you with a variety of indulgent treatments ranging from soothing massages and blissful aromatic therapies to revitalising facials and our invigorating Vichy rain showers. It’s a totally immersive experience, with every sight, sound, and sensation designed to help you escape the fast pace of everyday life.


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You can now book your spa treatments online.  Not all treatments and times will be available online, so if you can't see what you want or the time is not suitable, give the team at The Spa a call on 0800 873 529 for more options


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Highly Recommended

The following treatments not only come highly recommended by our staff but they are also firm favourites of our clients. Why not try something a little different... have you tried a hot stone massage before?

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From $90

Amazing for your skin and a relaxing experience for your soul - facials are a must. You'll walk away with skin that glows and a renewed vigour that will have everyone commenting on how good you look. And facials are not just for the ladies nowadays - they're equally popular with men.

From $120

We're all busy nowadays...rushing from one place to the next, our bodies are often neglected. Let us show yours some love. We can exfoliate, detoxify and moisturise you from head to toe and even leave you smelling as sweet as your favourite cocktail.

From $85

Our poor hands and feet - always working, seldom looked after properly. It's time to reward yours with one of our world class treatments. We'll buff, polish and moisturise your worries away and afterwards, you won't be able to stop looking at how pretty your nails look.

From $180

Hot Stones = heaven. Seriously, they do. These are the creme de la creme of massage treatments. Smooth stones, soaked in the finest aromatic oils coursing over your body...ironing out your niggles, reinvigorating your skin. Your stress and tension will melt away. Honestly, try this.

From $90

Massage - there's no better way to reinvigorate your mind, body and soul. Our therapists are among the best in the world and can offer everything from deep tissue treatments targeting problem areas to the incredible smell and blissful experience that is our Full Body Aroma Massage. You will feel great.

From $25

Finishing touches are our icing on the cake. Whether you're after some carefully reshaped eyebrows or some waxing and threading, our therapists offer a full range of services that will leave you feeling polished and perfect.

From $155

These are the ultimate in indulgence so if you're after a heavenly experience, try them. You'll find the perfect package for you and you can enjoy it alone or with a friend. An amazing treat that you deserve.

Beginner's Guide to Spa & Pamper Days

Going to a spa can seem a bit overwhelming for those who haven't been before.  There's no need to worry about coming to us though, our team is very down to earth and happy to answer any questions.  We have also put together this page to answer some of the questions first timers often ask us.

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