The three sulphur pools are situated next to the pools' main building - they sit well above ground in recognisable volcanic rock cladding and offer great views over the complex.

These are our hottest pools - ranging in temperature from 40 to 42 degrees Celsius.  The temperature of each pool is signposted.

You'll love the silky feel of the water. It is rich in minerals including sodium, chloride, boron, calcium and carbonate. Internationally, thermal waters are used to treat rheumatic conditions, paraplegia and can help heal bone fractures and soft tissue injuries.

The water is completely natural coming straight from the nearby thermal bore with no chlorine added at all but the heat means they're not recommended for pregnant women or babies and toddlers.

You're also advised to rehydrate every 10 to 15 minutes (there's a water fountain beside the pools) and take off any silver jewellery before you enter the pools as the water may tarnish it.

Help yourself to a cool and refreshing shower after you've been in these pools - you'll find one beside the water fountain.

Pool Depth


Pool Temperature

40 - 42 Degrees Celsius