Our gorgeous network of rock pools is linked by gentle rapids and shallow waterways.

The rock pools closest to the reception area are the warmest (37 degrees Celsius) with the water naturally cooling as it cascades down to the bottom rock pool (33 degrees Celsius) that is near the family leisure pools.

The bubbling rapids beckon children who'll quietly clamber over the rocks. The natural thermal waters magically calming them while Mum and Dad relax nearby.

Couples and others after a quiet soak will have no trouble finding their own little oasis with a range of nooks offering private space.  

Whether it's a hot day with a bright blue sky or a winter's day with snow blanketing the surrounding rocks, these pools are an incredible place to soak up the goodness of Hanmer's natural thermal waters.

Lie back and relax while you enjoy the birdsong from the surrounding native gardens.

Pool Depth


Pool Temperature

33 - 37