Summer '19

Our biggest development yet...

New pools and slide planned for 2019

We’re pumped! We have lodged a resource consent application to build five new thermal pools and a new aquatic thrill ride.

The development will cost $4.3 million and is set to open in late 2019. Best of all, we’ve worked hard to make the new additions environmentally sustainable.


Five new pools

The five new pools will sit among river boulder terraces and native gardens on what is currently a grassed area next to the Rainbow Pools.

They’ll be linked by waterfalls and waters cascading over the rocks so will be a peaceful place to relax and soak while enjoying the water sounds surrounding you.

The bottom pool will have beach-style access making it easy for everyone to use.


Our newest thrill

The new 13.5 metre high slide will attach to our existing hydroslide tower above the SuperBowl flume.

We are yet to name the slide but it will be a rush. Riders will shoot down a winding hydroslide in 2-person tubes, before going down a steep drop that propels them up a near-vertical wall for a moment of weightlessness before zooming back down and onto the slide’s finish.

The slide will sit next to the SuperBowl. This is where the AquaPlay area is at the moment ... rest assured we’re working on plans to develop a new play area elsewhere.

Environmentally sustainable

Half of the energy required to run the new pools and slide will come from a heat transfer unit that will utilise energy which is a bi-product of our electricity generator.

The pools are designed to be super water efficient with no holding tanks. That was important to us – we’ve worked hard to save 1,000,000 litres of thermal water a year in recent times.

We are also pioneering new construction techniques so the pools’ foundation will sit above ground and not damage tree roots below.

The process from here

We have lodged a resource consent application with the Hurunui District Council, this will be a publicly notified process so people can make submissions on the application.

The process will be lead by an independent comissioner.

All going well, we hope to start construction in April 2019.

To view the full public notice and other information, visit

Questions?  We’re happy to answer any questions so please get in touch.



When will construction begin?

We are still going through the resource consent process but hope to begin construction around April 2019.

What will happen to the AquaPlay area?

We’ll be saying goodbye to our current AquaPlay area to make way for the new slide. But we are currently working on plans for a new and improved play area. We’re looking forward to sharing those plans with you in March. Our plan is for the new area to open in time for next summer. In between times, rest assured the leisure pool with the waterspouts and tuatara slide and lap pool and lazy river will remain open.

Are the new pools above ground?

Yes, there are five new pools. The top one is 2.1 metres above ground and the water cascades down to the lower pools. There’ll be waterfalls and channels where the water rushes over rocks in between the pools. Our brief to the architects was to make them look as natural as possible so they’ll be set in river rocks and surrounded by native gardens.

Will the new pools affect the notable trees within the complex?

No. While the new pools will be situated under the trees’ dripline, we’re pioneering a construction technique which will see the pools’ foundation built above ground so the tree roots won’t be affected. There are no notable trees in the vicinity of the slide construction zone.

Will the resource consent be publicly notified?

Yes. The Hurunui District Council (HDC) has notified the application and the public can make submissions until 11 January 2019. To find out more visit the HDC website.

When will the new slide and pools be open?

All going time for Summer 2019!

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