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Top 3 names revealed!

What an amazing start to this voting process!!

We have received over 3000 votes for the top 4. Unfortunately we say goodbye to 'Tower of Tamatea'.


Vote for your favourite name below. Each week we will drop a name with the least votes. So make sure each week you get your vote in to get your name to the top!

Good luck to those who choose these names and may the best name win!

Vote for your favourite name for the new water Thrill Ride!
Hanmer Halfpipe
Cloud Rider
Conical Thrill

Hanmer Halfpipe

This one is self explanatory! We will be using a tube rather than a skateboard :)

Cloud Rider

We feel this one refers to the height of the Thrill ride and the feeling of weightlessness you will experience on this ride!


Conical Thrill 

Named after our beloved Conical Hill. We just loved this name as it works well with the new Thrill Ride!


Didn't make the cut

Tower of Tamatea

This really resonated with us as the Maori legend of Tamatea tells a story of how our thermal waters were created!

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