COVID-19 (Coronavirus) FAQ

Are you open?

Yes we are. Based on current government advice and policy, we are open for business as usual, every day from 10am to 9pm.

Can I visit if I recently returned from overseas?

If you have returned from overseas in the last 14 days please do not visit the pools. We will be asking everyone who enters if they have recently returned from overseas, and those that have will not be allowed to enter the pools.  

Can I visit if I am unwell?

If you are unwell or displaying symptoms such as a fever, cough or shortness of breath, please stay at home and seek medical advice if your symptoms worsen. We will be asking every visitor at entry if they are feeling unwell and prohibiting entry to those that answer yes. This is for your own protection and for that of others.  

Is there any chance you’ll close?

We will keep monitoring the Government & Ministry of Health’s advice but for now we are business as usual. For up to date information, please check our website.

What about the government ban on mass gatherings?

Most of the time we don’t have 500 people on the complex at one time, however it is possible we may reach this limit. We have a system in place for counting the number of people on the complex at one time, and if we reach the limit of 500 we will need to stop more customers from entering the complex.

Those customers will need to wait until other customers leave before being able to enter the complex. We apologise for any inconvenience, however we hope customers will understand given the current situation.

Can Coronavirus be transmitted through water?

We are confident that our water quality routine, involving cleaning of the pools and managing the water’s chlorine levels, means that it is highly unlikely for viruses to be able to live in our water.

How clean are your pools?

We maintain the cleanliness of our pools to a standard exceeding New Zealand national standards, including the following:

  • For most of our pools, we add chlorine gas to the water and have a water quality routine where we constantly monitor the chlorine and PH levels, ensuring they remain within safety guidelines. These levels have been shown to eliminate viruses similar to COVID-19.
  • The water in our natural geothermal water pools (also known as our Sulphur Pools) is completely replaced every 4 hours. We then drain and refill these pools each and every night.
  • All pools are cleaned daily.

How clean is the rest of your complex?

We have increased our cleaning schedule around the complex, particularly in high traffic areas. This cleaning includes wiping down surfaces with a disinfectant.

 If I feel sick at the pools what should I do?

If you have flu or cold-like symptoms, please leave the complex and return home or to your accommodation and then contact a medical professional.

Is the Spa open?

  • The Spa and Artisan Massage and Beauty are both open. 
  • If you are feeling unwell, please do not visit either The Spa or Artisan Spa, and cancel your appointment.
  • We do have very high hygiene standards already but we are increasing our cleaning regime, especially in regards to wiping surfaces like door handles, counters and seats.
  • Hand sanitiser is available and we are encouraging both customers and staff to use it.
  • Our therapists are also now wearing gloves for all facials and beauty treatments.
For more information - Ministry of Health

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