COVID-19 Alert Levels

What do they mean for us?

What do the alert levels mean for us?

  Are we open? Any restrictions? What else do you need to know?
Level 1 Yes; we are open. No capacity restrictions. Pretty much business as usual. Make sure you sign in using the NZ COVID 19 tracer app.
Level 2 Yes; we are open. Maximum visitor restrictions. To manage this, booking systems will be run on weekend (or public holiday) days.

Make sure you sign in using the NZ COVID 19 tracer app. 

Online tickets will be unavailable at COVID-19 alert level 2.

If you plan to visit when we are operating a booking system, you must purchase entry through our online booking system. We'll have more information on this should we return to alert level 2.

If you have a package booked and we enter alert level 2, don't worry, we'll be in touch to confirm your booking or make alternative arrangements. 

Level 3 Closed. To stop the spread of the virus, stay home.    
Level 4  Closed, and everyone stay home.    


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