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Our Water Story

173 years in the making…

For decades people from all over the world have flocked to Hanmer Springs to relax and enjoy our thermal pools. 

But did you know that the water you’ve been enjoying for all those years is actually 173 years old? 

The water in our thermal pools starts as snow and rain falling on the Hanmer Springs mountains. It seeps into the Greywacke basement rock and comes to rest in a reservoir some two kilometres underground, where it is warmed by heat radiating from the earth’s core. Today, we draw the water to the surface and use it for bathing and heating purposes.

In addition, we’ve been working hard to improve the quality of our facilities to ensure they’re truly world class.

That includes the recent redesign of our main changing rooms (now featuring luxurious underfloor heating!) 

So sit back, relax, and enjoy what nature created all those years ago!

Our water story

Water Story

What's in our water?

Full of the good stuff!

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