Going to a spa can seem a bit overwhelming for those who haven't been before.  There's no need to worry about coming to us though, our team is very down-to-earth.

Take your time and peruse The Spa’s menu when choosing your treatment.  Have a chat with our staff (they are there to help) if you're not sure which is best for you. Don’t be afraid to try something new but do try and book early as we're a popular place.

Keep your preparation to a minimum – don't bother shaving your legs before a massage or cutting your toenails before a pedicure.

Dress comfy. It’s not a day for elaborate hair-dos, high heels or tight, tailored clothes. We won’t look twice if you arrive in your trackpants, with wet hair and no make-up on.

Enjoy a soak in the hot pools before your treatment, so you don't undo the therapists' good work by heading there afterwards and watching those gorgeous moisturisers, body butters and oils float away.

Grab something to eat so you're not hungry during your treatment and it's best to leave your valuables at home. Unfortunately, we're unable to secure jewellery and valuables in The Spa.

Arrive at least 20 minutes before your appointment. That way you'll have time to enjoy a drink in our relaxation room beforehand and you'll be far more relaxed than those who rush in at the last minute. 

You'll be given a soft, fluffy robe with complimentary slippers and be shown to our changing rooms when you arrive. If you are having a body wrap or water therapy treatment you will also be provided with some disposable underwear (yes...we know it's not glamorous but it is comfy and offers suitable coverage)

Our single most important piece of advice is that you RELAX and ENJOY your treatment.  Do not fret or feel embarrassed - we have seen bodies of every shape and size before.  Don't feel obliged to talk to the therapist. Try to forget about the children, your partner or work and let your mind roam. Remember this is a treat so relish every minute!  And don't feel perturbed if you fall asleep - our therapists are even comfortable with snoring!

Take your time getting up from your treatment table, your therapist will offer you a glass of water and can help you put your robe back on. 

Before getting dressed or leaving The Spa head back to our relaxation room and enjoy a refreshing tea or water as you come back to reality.